My Ecom Journey

The exact process that made us $660k in sales in 80 days

Step#1: Research:   We use our Facebook Feed to research products. We simply search for the following keywords on Facebook: 1. T-shirt 2. Get yours here 3. Free shipping 4. Not available in stores 5. Limited offer 6. Buy now 7. Grab yours here 8. Grab it here 9. Out of stock 10. Share with [...]



Guys, I been working like a monk lately and I never learned so much in my life as the past 9 months. So I decided to bring Y’all some value, because I learned a lot by digging thru posts here I’ve recently been rolling ads for my new store, and things are taking off pretty [...]


You don’t want to miss out these tips. Trust me.

It’s only been 6 months since I started this store at the end of Jan 2018 I got my first 5-figures only a month and a half after.   The more I do this the more I feel that drop shipping is easy as hell. I know this sentiment does not resonate with a lot [...]


What you need to be planning for!

Earn enough money that you can take 30% of the gross before taxes and save it for investments.  If that means get a raise, a new job or a paper route do it.    Stop spending what you don’t have, period.    In addition, add 10% to everything you buy. Every dinner, rent, mortgage, night out, [...]