0 to $10K a day on a brand new store in only 10 days.

0 to $10K a day on a brand new store in only 10 days.
(as you can see – on Oct 3, no sales. On Oct 10 where I highlighted the chart, over $10K in sales)
Some people seem to have serious mental blocks when it comes to this business model… 
I recently posted a video showing the exact strategies I use to take stores to $2K a day in less than a week. But there’s been some murmuring about whether it works or it’s really possible. 
If you think scaling to $2K a day in less than a week, or scaling to $10K a day in 10 days is not achievable or realistic – then you are thinking too small. 🧠
The size of the e-commerce opportunity is massive. This whole game is just about putting the right product in front of the right people at the right time. 
Oh, and here’s the thing – with GREAT marketing.
You can’t blame a strategy for not working. The problem is not the strategy- because if a strategy can be duplicated by at least one other person, let alone me on back to back massive numbers that very few are putting up, THEN the strategy can be said to work. 
And I get messages across social media daily about my strategies helping people make money.
However, the variable is YOUR marketing, YOUR ads, YOUR ad account, YOUR store/funnel. 
People receive free info in here that can literally make them thousands of dollars, yet want to complain about it when it doesn’t work- like it’s my fault. 
Do. Some. Work. 
Or try a different strategy. I never said mine is the only one – I just share what works, and has consistently worked for me and the hundreds of other testimonials I’ve received since starting Ecom Empires and leading the way 4 years ago. 
My Methods:
$5 ABO Testing Method
CBO Jump Method 
CBO Lookalike Scaling
CBO Stack Campaigns
These videos are inside the Units and/or Announcements section of this group, and outline strategies that can literally put money into your pocket and compound your earnings. 
Take them or leave them. 
But trust me, the strategies work. 
To everyone on their serious grind, let’s get it!

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