This all started 2009 when I sat almost broke in front of my computer and typed in “How to make money online” in Google, you can image all the “Guru” stuff that slapped me in my face right through the computer screen, all the awesome promises of wealth and how easy it was to earn a living online. I spent months looking for a way to make money from the internet, I knew people were doing it all around the world, so why not me? So in the end I just gave up and started working for an aluminum factory on the east side of Iceland. For a whole year I forgot about the internet and continued to work 12 hour sifts in the factory building my life up again from scratch. Like I said, I was almost broke when I started working there. After a year of working extra sifts again and again I sat back down in front of the computer and typed the same sentence
“How To Make Money Online”  and I proceeded to go over all the Guru crap that came my way, I spent hours up on hours and 1000’s of dollars on all sorts of courses but never made a single dime.  Everyone around me told me to forget it and that I was just wasting my money on crap that would never work!

I was starting to believe them, man can only spend so much time and money until he gives up, but then I stumbled upon the Warrior Forum, it was my information highway, there I was seeing again and a again that the money was in the list, but I didn´t have a clear understanding of how to create and grow a list….so I was back to Google.

But this time I had the knowledge to be more specific in my search and when you start to google about a certain info and do a more targeted search you start getting to the real information, information from guys that like to share and give something back. I was starting to see the light, after some days of reading and watching YouTube I started to understand the subject and I made my own squeeze page (landing page) where I offered to give people free information about how to make money online, funny how fast I was becoming the “Guru”. I bought my first solo ad and started to get my first subscribers, I was not even sending them to offer after they signed up (I was that clueless) but I thought I was the internet genie, and the world was at my fingertips. As I bought more solo ads to my landing page and my list started to grow, I started to also connect and make friends in the industry, and I remember when one of them said to me, “Arni do you want to Swap?” after he explained what it was I agreed and started swapping to build my list, I did not have to buy solos anymore, the more I swapped, the more my list grew and I connected with more people and started to learn more and more every day.  I setup a good squeeze page, thank you page and even an OTO (one time offer) and was building my follow up emails as well and swapping every day.

I was making money online! I was doing what everyone around me told me wasn’t possible, I was almost covering my salary at the factory working only part time online. For me this was a huge success, and things started to change very rapidly after that, I had the money to try other things, I could buy more courses and grow my online knowledge, invest in my self.

Never forget that when you invest in yourself, no matter how bad things get you always have that investment and that ability to make money, it’s like learning to ride a bike you never forget it.  Once an online money maker ALWAYS an online moneymaker!

In my quest to make more money online I stumbled upon a guy called Don Wilson and his Facebook group. He was helping people make money using Facebook ads, growing like pages and driving traffic from Facebook to print on demand services. For me that turned out to be a gold mine. I was even driving traffic from Facebook to a blog where I had AdWords, and was making money from google buying traffic from Facebook! Those where the days J but most of us know that Facebook started to minimize all the free enhancement from the like pages so soon that strategy was out.

After some more attempts to use only print on demand services I finally found Shopify, and at that point my life changed drastically when it comes to make money online, I was one of the first marketers to go into eCommerce  and it was the best decision of my life.

So we come to the real stuff.  The stuff I´m going to teach you on this blog.  This blog is all about ecommerce and I am going to tell you everything I know about the subject.  In fact it´s my belief that after going through this blog you should be able to make your own store and make money only by implementing what I tell you. We could call this your journey to making money online using eCommerce.

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