How to choose the Ideal Niche



1. Large enough in number for consistent income

-At least 500K-1M total audience size to make some decent sales

-At least a few million strong for consistent business

-When looking at niches, Facebook breaks all users into Audiences and each of those Audiences has a size

2. Lots of products to sell, so you won’t run out of things to offer to your market.

3. Proven BUYERS market

-Examples: Dogs, Cats, Nurses, Fishermen, Fashion, Jewelry

4. Not a one-time sale. Don’t want people who will only buy once and then never again.

5. Easily identifable market (on Facebook audiences)

6. Has to be a very passionate group of people

-Will share and tag your ads- viral capabilty

7. Quick producing market

-Like shirts, jewelry, drop shipping

8. Niche should be made up with people who are proud

-Examples: Hunters, sports, dog lovers, cat lovers, patriots, parents

9. Exapandable niche

-Many different forms of adveritsing. Not just Facebook, but also Amazon, Etsy, Pinterest, Instagram, Ebay
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