Setting up the Admitad affiliate network for extra cash

We’ve been working with an affiliate network, Admitad, to give our users better AliExpress affiliate commissions.

The AliExpress Portals Affiliate program’s default commission rate is 8.00%. Admitad, on the other hand, offers up to 10.5%.
That’s up to $2500 more in commissions each month if you’re making $100K/month in sales!

Most of our users have been switching to this Affiliate platform it takes 5 minutes to sign up and the benefits are obvious.

To set up Admitad, Click HERE and then click “Join”:

Then, fill out the short Publisher registration form and click ‘Continue sign-up’:

On the next page, select ‘Dropshipping’ for ‘Your ad space type’ and ‘Oberlo’ for ‘Drop Shipping App’. Enter remaining information and then click ‘Continue sign-up’:


Your registration form is complete:

You’ll then receive a confirmation email with further instructions. Here’s an example:


Once your account is activated you will be redirected back to an Admitad page, where you will be taken through a brief tour of the affiliate network admin panel:

Once you finish the tour, go to ‘Programs’ > ‘All programs’ and find the ‘AliExpress INT’ affiliate program:

Click ‘See more’ and apply. Then, click ‘Banners and links’. You will see a default affiliate link:

Copy the marked part of the link and go to your Oberlo settings > ‘Suppliers’ tab. Enter your affiliate link here:

That’s it! Your Admitad affiliate network is now ready.

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