Instagram Marketing – Shopify Store

Instagram Marketing – Shopify

  1. Instagram Shopify-Store Setup
  2. Instagram Influencer Post

Pick a product picture for the post

Choose an appealing font & a good color (keep color psychology in mind)

Letter capitalizing:
• E.g. “FREE Necklace” – “Today ONLY!”

Must look good (golden ratio), see what works & trust your gut.

Don’t show too much on the picture • KISS (Keep It Simple & Stupid)

When posting on an influencer page • People don’t know who you are & don’t really care

  • Let the content speak
  • Make it seem it comes from the influencers’ page -> “we dropped our necklace line”; “we are giving away a 100 of our necklaces”
  • Don’t tag your own page (-> you can test with tagging your page; does it have a positive/negative effect?)

Extra, “story-post” • Easier/cheaper way to test products

  • People don’t know how to price them yet ($5 – $30 for a page from 20k – 300k)
  • If they are working, also negotiate package deals & main page posts, link in Bio!
  • Instagram Influencer research – Start with sites between 100k-400k

Pick similar Influencers via the suggesting “arrow” (open them in new tabs)

Check the followers: • Blank profile pictures are indicating fake accounts

Aim for an engagement rate of 2.5%-5% • 50k followers should have ~2-3k likes on their posts

Check if engagement is real:
• Are similar niche sites commenting?
most likely in Page-groups to boost posts

  • sign of bad engagement -> no real buyers
  • Are there “real people” engaging?  Comments like: “nice”, ”cool”, ”good one” & “love it” are indicating fake profiles
  • Are these follow-for-follow sites?

• How are these sites structuring their posts?

  • How are they writing their #’s?
  • Are they specializing in viral content?

Note: Decent pages may still be good for story-shout outs (decent= “ok” Real-Fake people ratio)
• Ask for statistics/audience insights to target the right audience

  • How many views do these stories have?

Build at least a list of 10 – 30 Influencers who produce results

Stack the influencers and line up the posts for e.g. a week in advance!

  1. Instagram Influencer pricing
    Based of engagement
    • no less than <1%,
  • aim for 2.5% – 5%)
  • use
  • More info @Instagram Influencer research

Story, post & link in Bio (4-types)
1. 50k = $10 max
2. 50k – 150k = $10 – $15 ($20 – $25 if high engagement)
3. 150k – 300k = $20 – $40 (general range you start with)
4. 300k – 500k = $40 – $60 ($70 if high engagement)

50k + (only if you are already successful in the lower ranges)

  1. Contacting Instagram Influencers

“It’s a numbers game” – The more you contact, the more will answer!
• Know your numbers, important to scale!

  • E.g. Contacted 20 influencer -> 5 shout-outs -> $30 per shout-out -> $80 in profit
  • You can calculate with these numbers

Reach out to as many people as possible

Approach different sized Instagram pages differently

Reach out to people who are acceptable for use -> many won’t answer anyways

Use every angle to contact them:
• Phone (if possible)

  • Email/DM
  •  write a catchy subject line
  • must contain “business-related”
  • use Emoji’s, to stick out
  • Comment (leave at the 2 most recent posts a comment: “check your DM”)

• Bloggers

  • Personal pages
  • Fan pages
  • Big Influencer pages
  1. Negotiating with Instagram Influencers Push-Pull principle:
    • E.g. Influencer asks for $30 shout out:

You: “We are looking for another list of influencers to work with our new store. We usually pay $15 for a shout out on pages with your size & this engagement. We can offer you $25 for a regular post, a story post & a link in Bio because we are looking for a long-term relationship.”

  • Barely undercut them and get all 3 options
  • Reason they might go lower is that they want to make money
  • Convey experience & argue with a long-term relationship -> to argue the lower price
  • There is always room for negotiation!
  • Finesse negotiating to lower the cost -> risk
  • Learn how they think and learn the incentives to get lower costs
  • Send products for a “free”- shout out
  • Experience is key

Bonus: Getting “free” Instagram Influencer shout outs

Strategy behind it is, don’t pay money upfront & pay with a share of sales

An indicator of a bad site might me:
• you offer a 50% share in sales as payment -> don’t accept means the most likely know that it won’t work on their page (bad engagement)

Best option to close (in general)
• via phone

  • Using sales tactics

Note: shout-outs by itself with a payment upfront might be cheaper

Bonus: Testing Shopify drop shipping products on Instagram

  • two shout-outs
  • two different pages
  • two different posts • different picture (+ picture copy)
  • different Ad copy (different Emoji)
  • differentiate between Social & Emotional Bias


Diversify to isolate the variables & find out what is working and what isn’t.

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