Spent $6,046 to generate $69,193 (ROAS of 11.44)

$6,046 spent to generate $69,193 (ROAS of 11.44)

These are the results of one of our e-commerce clients and it all happened in just over a month (even at these uncertain times)…
So, get yourself a notepad and hold onto your pants as this is going to be a long and juicy post! 
Before I go any further, if you think this is fake, please keep on scrolling as my clients know these results are real and that is all that matters for me. 
For those of you who know I am genuine – I just wanted to highlight some strategies I used to take this client from hardly breaking-even to making $40,000+ profit in a month!
(If you have an eCommerce or Info-Product business, you can leverage this in your business to grow exponentially)
We signed this eCommerce client at the start of May and we started running the ads in the mid of May (There were some issues with their old agency, more on that later).
Funnily enough, I got targeted with one of their ads and I am not in their target audience at all 
I knew there is something wrong with their ads so I reached out…
They were already working with some other agency but they were not profitable because their ROAS was around 1.5 which is bad!
But they knew they had to do something about their marketing or their business is doomed…
So they ended up working with us and as we always do for our clients, we implemented The New Era Marketing System taking them from hardly breaking-even to making $40,000+ profit in a month!


So here is an outline of the strategy I used for this client achieve these results (My ultimate goal is to minimize the downside and maximize the upside for the client)
(Before I move on, keep in mind, the ad-copy had taken into consideration the times of heightened fear, as customer satisfaction is the key to business growth).
Testing Phase (Cold Audience):
Whenever I start working with a client, I always start by testing as many different variations of the ads and ad-sets as the budget allows…
I leave the ads running for 3 days minimum before making any educated decision (to prevent any flukes)…
After this 3 day period has expired, I will then kill any ads that are losing money…
For the ads that are breaking even or just over break-even, I keep them running for a few more days before killing or scaling them.
And the ones that are greatly over break-even, (a.k.a winning ads) I move to Scaling Phase with them.
Scaling Phase (Cold Audience):
Here, I take the winning ads and duplicate them into a separate campaign while increasing their budget to 5x-15x (depending on the available audience, budget, and number of winning ad-sets).
I then again keep them running for 3 days and then kill any that are under-performing 
(because of the nature of Facebook ads, every ad and ad-set has their own DNA, so some-times the ads that were working suddenly stop working as well, when you duplicate them, which is 3 day period is required)
Retargeting Phase:
This consists of two levels:
• Warm Audience (a.k.a Middle Of Funnel)
• Hot/Buyer Audience (a.k.a Bottom Of Funnel)
Warm Audience (a.k.a Middle Of Funnel):
These are the people who know about your brand and have engaged with the brand such as:
• Post Like
• Page Follow
• Comment
• Video Views, etc.
These are the people who have not tried to purchase but know and like your brand/product.
For this audience, the best targeting is:
Facebook + Instagram Engagers in the last 30/90/180 days.
Hot/Buyer Audience (a.k.a Bottom Of Funnel):
These are the people who have clicked your ads and shown some buyer intent such as:
• Add to cart
• Initiate checkout, etc.
They are ready to buy but for some reason did not complete, maybe the shipping cost was too high or their internet went off or their dog peed the carpet or it was time for some night-time fun (you know what I mean )…
The best re-targeting ads you can run for them are:
• Free shipping (7 days)
• 10% discount (15 days)
• 20% discount (30 days)
as these ads are very cheap, you will be profitable even after the discount
So, this is how we were able to help this business grow and get better results.
But this is 60% of the reason behind the success, the other 40% is writing attractive copy which requires market research… 
Now I will not get into ad-copy in this post, If you are interested, let me know, I will make another post on it.
Currently. their business is on track to make 6 figures in a month, generating the majority of its sales from Facebook & Instagram ads…
If you found this helpful I will appreciate your feedback and if you have any questions, feel free to ask below.
Have an amazing day!
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