After a month of Shopify, he got to my first $100 day with $0 ad spend

After a month of Shopify, I got to my first $100 day with $0 ad spend. I want to share my story about how I got started and talk about how you can get your first $100 day too!
I want to mention that if you are someone who either doesn’t have a store yet or is still struggling to make sales, 
I WAS WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW. But I chose to get out of that state as quickly as possible. 
I want to make this as clear as possible and show you that ANYONE, literally ANYONE can do this.
If you read this whole post, you will have the exact method that I’ve used and been able to apply it right away, no BS.
How I got to my $100 day is very simple. The best part is that it cost me $0 to get to it. How did I do it? A lot of you aren’t going to like this answer, 
but here it is:
Instagram DM’s.
You might be thinking “Oh god, What the hell, DM’s?! It takes so much time and they don’t even work! It’s so stupid!“
When I was where you were, I was saying the EXACT SAME THING! I didn’t think DM’s would work! And plus, they sounded like it would take so much work and only gain little results, maybe even no results at all! And besides, how do you even find the right people to DM?
I’m here to tell you that the power of the direct message is so underrated. This is coming from someone who was on the complete opposite side of the spectrum and dreaded the idea of a direct message! Please understand that! You need to understand that you literally have the opportunity to speak one on one with a potential customer and build a loyal relationship with them. It’s as close to face to face interaction as you can get. 
This is how I’ve managed to make over 30 sales (almost $1k in revenue). Now I want to share my tactics for going down in the DM’s the right way, and finding the right people to pitch to.
This works best for pages that are branded towards a specific product or niche. My store is based around a single product, and my store and Instagram page is set up in a way to look like the originators of the product, and that we are a real brand. What comes with branded pages are passionate followers. The people who either like, comment or follow your page are people who have already shown an interest in your product! These are the people you want to pitch to! 
So what I do is I go down all the people who’ve liked or commented on my post (or followed me) and DM them. I DM them 3 separate messages just like this:
Hey (Their Name), if you’re interested in (Your Product), ours is on sale for $X, plus you get another X% off and Free shipping worldwide! 
The link is in our bio 
And if you want to buy 2 or more of (Your Product), you get X% off your entire order also!
Let us know if you have any questions (Their name)! 
This template is exactly what I use. I’m giving all the juicy benefits about my product in the first message, by mentioning the price, the discount they get for taking action, and the free shipping. You don’t need to explain what your product is since they’ve already engaged with your content. If you sell multiple products, then you should pitch a specific product.
The second is a bonus/extra benefit they receive, which in my case is another discount for buying 2 or more of my product. This encourages them to buy more than 1.
The last one is to show how you genuinely care about them. It’s very important you put the person’s name in here (if you know what it is) because it shows that you are personally engaging with them and not appear as a robot. 
One tip I have is as soon as you make a post, wait for the people to like and comment on it and right away send the messages. This increases your chances of them opening the message and getting back to you because they are still online! 
Now DMs is just one strategy I use. I still run IG Influencer ads and those do pretty well, but the power of DMs is incredible. 
It’s also very important to have good apps installed on your store. I HIGHLY recommend getting an Upsell/Cross-sell app. I’ve recently used it and it’s already got me 4 sales from the DM tactic! 
I really don’t want to make this longer than it already is, but if you have read all the way up to this point, it definitely shows that you are determined and want results! Remember, I was where you are right now. All I did was apply this strategy and finally reached one of my goals. I really want to help the community, and I hope this post helps at least one of you! 
Don’t sleep on this info I’m giving you! It’s going to be the game changer for your Drop shipping store and finally get you to the $ 100-day mark! 
From one of the members! 

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