Building a highly successful brand

One of the biggest changes that I account for building highly successful brands was improving my customer support system.
When I first started with e-com, I was very lax when it came to support.  I’m pretty sure 99% of other e-commerce are the same as well lol. 
It wasn’t until around 2 years ago that I made a complete shift in how I have my team handle customer support. 
I took the chick-fil-a approach.  Overdo it with customer support and make the customer experience pleasant and most importantly, swift.  
When I go through the drive-through at the local busy Chick-Fil-A, they have 4 employees outside ready to do their part…
The first guy directs traffic so there are no jams in production… the 2nd one takes my order… the 3rd one confirms my order and provides a receipt… the 4th one hands me my food.  
Whereas the Burger King across the road uses only a microphone in a box to do all the above. 
The Chick-Fil-A handles around 10x as much drive through traffic in the same amount of time and everyone who goes through the buying experience only has good things to say.  They are often shouted out for their customer support… causing referral traffic from a part of your business that typically only saves the sale.
When I started to really focus on building a legit e-com brand and product, this was one of my biggest focuses.
Instead of replying to support emails and messages within 24 hours, I put a team in place who can answer your inquiries within minutes.  We have no automation messages in place and make sure it’s a human response every time.  Our goal is to answer emails within 10 minutes and social media private messages within 2 minutes. 
If orders are coming in too fast where our support team can’t respond that quickly, I hire more people.  Support staff costs nearly nothing.  The amount of money they save and actually produce for you with a quality system far outweigh their costs.  
Instead of having a strict rule-driven Terms of Service and refund policy, I nearly always rule in favor of my customers.  Giving someone an instant refund and still sending them the product can often save you way more money than arguing with the bitch back and forth a few emails. 
Again, that quality experience… even when trying to get a refund, can be a giant beneficial impact on your business. 
Building a quality BRAND has more to do with what the customer says about you before, during, and after their experience rather than any of your advertising and marketing. 
Making money comes down to your marketing… building a name comes down to your customer’s experiences with your business.

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