I’ve heard GURUS for years saying PASSIVE INCOME is NOT REAL!

Well, trust me, it IS real!

I remember my VERY FIRST sale online…

It was an AFFILIATE MARKETING sale and my commission was $30…
It was in like, the year 2000 or something… an AGE ago!

It was CRAZY because even though I know it’s a bit of a CLICHE…
The kind of people who SAY passive income is NOT real is those who NEVER BUILT ANY!
If your ENTIRE business model revolves around GRINDING for a living, then surely that’s no different to having a JOB?!
And YES, that’s NOT passive!
I started around 2010 and along the way, I have picked up some TIPS for creating ACTUAL passive income that I thought I’d share with you now.
  1. STOP exchanging time for money. If you’re selling your TIME, then you have a JOB. Not a business. You are basically SELF-EMPLOYED! That can NEVER lead to a good place long term – however well paid you are.
  2. If you are MONETIZING using DONE FOR YOU services, then STOP DOING IT FOR THEM! Either HIRE in some help or OUTSOURCE the product/service delivery to a team you trust. DOING it FOR them is NO different to WORKING for them, but with extra headaches that they can FIRE you on a whim.

  3. Take a PORTION of your income and put it into CASHFLOW YIELDING investments. The only TRUE passive income is when your ASSETS are making YOU money. I like REAL ESTATE as a primary investment vehicle for excess cash, simply because it’s something people NEED and is not just numbers on a screen. If you own LAND and a BUILDING on that land then there will ALWAYS be inherent value and usually CASHFLOW. And over time, that real estate should appreciate at least offsetting any INFLATION and maybe making you more money in real terms.

  4. But Matt, CRYTPO doesn’t have any YIELD (or cashflow), GOLD and SILVER don’t either, the STOCK MARKET is looking EXPENSIVE and there’s talk of a worldwide RECESSION that may negatively affect REAL ESTATE prices… WHERE do I INVEST?! The short answer is, the BEST investment will ALWAYS be in yourself. Do courses. Pay mentors. LEARN, LEARN, LEARN. Focus on SKILLSETS not “business models”. Improve your SKILLSET for the long term and you’ll weather ANY economic storm of the future. leading me onto…

  5. The NEXT best ASSETS are ONLINE AUDIENCES. Or what I like to call, WEB ASSETS. Whether that’s EMAIL LISTS. YouTube SUBS. Tik Tok followers. Whatever. BUILD audiences. A WELL served, the well-nurtured WARM audience will FOLLOW you and can provide the most PASSIVE income you’ll EVER experience. Yes, to build and maintain that audience you WILL be in ACTIVE mode. But AFTER that you can have that audience GROW on its own and MONETIZE extremely passively IF you know what you’re doing. I earn tends of thousands from affiliate programs I haven’t promoted in YEARS, it doesn’t get any more passive than that.

  6. What are the BEST online audiences right now? Well, that’s really SUBJECTIVE. Some platforms are EASY to grow on ORGANICALLY. Others take some SERIOUS long term GRIND! My overall #1 FAVORITE audience to build right now from SCRATCH… are FACEBOOK GROUPS (yep, you’re reading this in the GLORIOUS Clickfunnels FACEBOOK GROUP (hint: this is where it’s at!)…). Don’t listen to NAYSAYERS that say FB GROUPS are dead. PAGES are DEAD, Groups are going from STRENGTH to STRENGTH and they are probably the EASIEST audiences to grow right now – the traffic is SUPER targeted and HIGH converting, and the communities you grow will be AMAZING! I made 6-figures last month from my FB group and I OUTSOURCE MOST of the content. Who said FB groups are dead?! lol

  7. Last but not least because I know you’re busy and you have the stuff to do and this post is getting LOOOOOONG! Every VIDEO you create. Every POST you write. Every FUNNEL you create. Is ANOTHER opportunity to create GENUINE, LONG-LASTING passive income. I do NOT think PASSIVE income should be your goal. I think the people that focus SOLELY on that are MISSING THE POINT. And that is, to ENJOY the journey! If you’re ONLY doing this to make MONEY, then chances are, you’ve not found your ‘thing’ yet. Stop working with people you DON’T LIKE! Get rid of the VAMPIRE CLIENTS that take, take, take, and DRAIN your life force but give little back. Follow what you find FUN, what you ENJOY, and do it with GOOD people that support you. Don’t GRIND simply to create enough PASSIVE income to never have to work again. Create ACTIVE income in a way you ENJOY, that’s CONGRUENT with who you are. And let the passive build over time, but not be your focus. If you don’t love what you do, do something else. Life’s too short!
Hope that helps somebody, and thank you for reading, have a GREAT day!
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