Here is my current PoD cycle

Here is my current PoD cycle when testing many designs and products…
I start with a Facebook Ad test… 1 best estimate buyer audience… minimum $50 ad spend test up to 2x profit margin (whichever is higher).  You can split this up pretty much any way you want as far as # of ad sets, ABO, CBO, etc.
This initial test tells me what to do with that product.  There are three potential outcomes…
Outcome 1 – The product makes 2 or more sales in the opening test.  This means the product at very worst broke even (considering we set an ad spend of 2x profit margin ad our test amount).  This product gets moved to the next round of Facebook advertising where we test lots more audiences and spend more money each day on that product.  
Outcome 2 – The product makes 0 sales in the opening test.  This is a big loser and at our volume of design tests, we cut this off from advertising and remove it from the Shopify store to remove clutter.
This product gets listed on the brand’s sister Etsy store and we optimize for SEO.  
If this product makes a handful of sales on Etsy, I’ll list it back on the store, test it in our email backend, and try FB ads again with a more detailed test.  
Outcome 3 – The product makes 1 sale in the opening test.  This means the product is at a loss and only very promising buyer data (low cost add to carts, etc) could cause me to consider pushing it into the next round of advertising. 
This product gets to stay on the Shopify store and becomes part of our DPAs, searchable products, and mixed in our email. 
If the product makes less than 1 sale per month over any 90 day period, it gets moved to the Etsy store and off the Shopify store.  
If it makes over 5 sales within 30 days at any point, I test more in-depth with Facebook ads.
Following this outline allows me to consistently find winners but also maximize profits from products that might not take off with Facebook ads.  
You might also notice that I separate my Etsy products from what’s on my Shopify store.  My Shopify store has big sellers while my Etsy store is providing extra customers to otherwise lost campaigns.  
Where do most people tell you to research pod designs?  Etsy!
Don’t put your six-figure designs on Etsy right away.  The vultures will come soon enough.
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