My Ecom Journey

You don’t want to miss out these tips. Trust me.

It’s only been 6 months since I started this store at the end of Jan 2018 I got my first 5-figures only a month and a half after.   The more I do this the more I feel that drop shipping is easy as hell. I know this sentiment does not resonate with a lot [...]


What you need to be planning for!

Earn enough money that you can take 30% of the gross before taxes and save it for investments.  If that means get a raise, a new job or a paper route do it.    Stop spending what you don’t have, period.    In addition, add 10% to everything you buy. Every dinner, rent, mortgage, night out, [...]


The eCom Strategy

Having a road map, a Formula/workflow / Process – is ESSENTIAL. NOTHING should be random and as long as you stick to your system, success will come because it’s a virtuous circle. You can only improve. Well, unless you get caught by your emotions (fear, over-excitement, temporary faith and so on). Analyze the various page [...]


Instagram Marketing – Shopify Store

Instagram Marketing – Shopify Instagram Shopify-Store Setup Instagram Influencer Post Pick a product picture for the post Choose an appealing font & a good color (keep color psychology in mind) Letter capitalizing: • E.g. “FREE Necklace” – “Today ONLY!” Must look good (golden ratio), see what works & trust your gut. Don’t show too much [...]