Many people struggle with scaling their AdWords campaigns.
After spending 7-figures on Google Ads on my clients and my own account, here are some tips on how to sell MORE once you gained some initial traction 
Especially when you use Google Shopping it can be tough because you don’t define keywords by yourself and mainly rely on the algorithm to pick your ads.
Here’s what you can do once you found a Shopping Ad that is doing well and you want to take it to the next level:
#1 – Duplicate & INCREASE CPC  
Wanna find out how much to bid WITHOUT losing your momentum or part of your profits?
Duplicate your campaign 2 times. Then, set a higher bid for both of the new campaigns.
Then, give the campaign with the lowest bid (your current one) the highest priority and the one with the highest bid the lowest priority.
That way you ensure that Google tries to distribute your working campaign first and ONLY if that’s not enough it checks on the next best campaign.
HINT: This can also be applied the other way around (new campaigns with lower bids) to LOWER your ad costs.
#2 – Filter Underperforming Search Queries 
Did you ever check the Search Term Report of your Shopping Campaigns?
Many people overlook that. 
Chances are that since you cannot define keywords yourself you rank for all kind of stupid stuff.
Like you sell a rain jacket but you show up for umbrellas (might happen).
Regularly check your SEARCH TERMS and exclude stuff wherever possible.
In order to make this even more efficient, make your campaigns as granular as possible to ensure maximum relevance in each campaign/ad group.
#3 – Scale Via Search From Your Lessons Learned 
Now you have a good product on Shopping and you also know the keywords that resulted in those sales.
After trying the previous strategies, you might want to “mirror” these keywords into search and build a campaign around it.
This has two effects:
1. Some people may not click on Shopping Ads or simply browse to the search results directly.
2. By adding more related keywords to the ones that are already performing well, you might send additional interested buyers to your store that would not have gotten picked up by your Shopping Ads.
I hope these strategies will help you guys, let me know if anything was unclear!

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