What Your Product Page Needs

Your Product Page needs to answer the questions your visitor has subconciously every time they visit your page -Expected layout -Template -Price, Image, CTA, Description Above the Fold -Longer Product – Longer Sales Page with more Content (higher price, more elements) Branding Questions 1. I know exactly what this product is (looks like) 2. I Read more about What Your Product Page Needs[…]

Micro Ad Set Theory

Ad Process: Micro Ad Set Theory ——————————– BIGGEST MISTAKES People Make: targeting too broadly (in the beginning) -use precise interests stacking and behavior layering -placement by device (ipads, wifi, iphones, android) -geographic location (ny, ca, fl, ma, tx)***** ecom selling process (Sales funnel) is not congruent all the way through -use same images -cartoon plus Read more about Micro Ad Set Theory[…]