Instagram Marketing – Shopify Store

Instagram Marketing – Shopify Instagram Shopify-Store Setup Instagram Influencer Post Pick a product picture for the post Choose an appealing font & a good color (keep color psychology in mind) Letter capitalizing: • E.g. “FREE Necklace” – “Today ONLY!” Must look good (golden ratio), see what works & trust your gut. Don’t show too much Read more about Instagram Marketing – Shopify Store[…]

5 Reasons Why You Need to Use Chatbots in Your Business

What were you doing on the 12th of April 2016? If you’re like me, you probably don’t remember, but something very significant happened that day. Something so significant in fact it marked the day that the way we live and do business will change forever… No, I’m not exaggerating… So, what was this earth-shattering event? Read more about 5 Reasons Why You Need to Use Chatbots in Your Business[…]

Setting up the Admitad affiliate network for extra cash

We’ve been working with an affiliate network, Admitad, to give our users better AliExpress affiliate commissions. The AliExpress Portals Affiliate program’s default commission rate is 8.00%. Admitad, on the other hand, offers up to 10.5%. That’s up to $2500 more in commissions each month if you’re making $100K/month in sales! Most of our users have Read more about Setting up the Admitad affiliate network for extra cash[…]

The Follow up Module

This module suppose sell the product for us, we could also call this the follow up circle sins the main goal is to get the customer to sell product for us in the end. The module in steps: We design a good looking greeting card that goes with every sold product, this part is crucial Read more about The Follow up Module[…]

Some Golden POD Tips

Simplified Print On Demand concept of selling winning designs to audiences. It’s really simple when you see it, but also quite profound in how effectively it works. You start by understanding there are 2 Style of Niches for POD: 1. Traditional Categories – this is your categories like dogs, cats, veterans, wine, etc. 2. Demographics – this Read more about Some Golden POD Tips[…]


I want to put it in context for what we are doing and launching facebook ads campaign because this is something that I do at the start of any business or product launch. The process may become quicker like once you already have a brand, a store and you have already gone through this, you Read more about MARKET RESEARCH – FACEBOOK TARGETING[…]