*The $100k/day CBO Rapid-Scale Method

I scaled to $100k/day in just 10 days.
I’m going to break this post into 3 sections – which I believe are ALL important.

1. Mindset2. Scaling Method3. Things to Note

The first aspect is conditioning your mindset. Honestly, I believe this is the MOST important — before anything else. This is the first step in growing your online biz, and scaling with fb ads. 

When I first started ecom, getting to 1k/day was “Farfetched” to me. It literally seemed impossible. I was wasting money on ads left and right, and nothing was working. But the biggest factor that contributed to my success was the fact that I saw others hitting these types of numbers (1k/day or 100k/month, or 10k/day, even 100k/day).

As I was seeing people post these massive screenshots, I basically conditioned my mind to think “I can do those numbers too — they’re not any more special than I.”

If you’re currently thinking 1k/day or 10k/day, or 100k/day is out of your reach. You need to ask yourself: who taught you to think this way? You need to change the people you’re surrounding yourself with. You need to change the echelon of mentors you’re associating with.
Start to think bigger. Start to believe that you can DEFINITELY achieve these types of results. Because you can. I’ve been there. We can all list issues preventing us from achieving the results we want, but I don’t care what excuses you have — you need move around those obstacles — like water going around a rock in a stream.

—Scaling Method—
Here’s how I scaled. My CBO Rapid-Scale method requires high-risk tolerance and steel balls if you’re not ready to play with big numbers. But remember, if you have a WINNING product that’s currently doing good, you need to adjust your mindset to get ready to play with big numbers — because the potential is there. Start believing you can hit these types of numbers.

Here’s how I did it:
Day 1: I tested a product with 2 campaigns. – One campaign with 5 different adsets ($10/each — some adsets US, some WW, and some top4 countries)- 2nd Campaign – I duplicated my first campaign to a new campaign, but this one, I did Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) $50/day budget (you have to go to the campaign level – and “toggle” the option ON.)- Today I got 1.84 ROAS with $72 spend (I started my ads at around noon – so it didn’t spend the whole budget)

Day 2: I duplicated the CBO into 2 NEW campaigns.- but this time, I split tested the “thumbnail” of my video ad. – So one of the campaigns had thumbnailA, – And the other campaign had thumbnailB. – I did a $250/day campaign budget on each of the duplicates. (My original campaigns still running) – ended at $664 spend, 2.58 ROAS
Day 3: – I increased the budget of my 2 new CBO’s from yesterday to $1,000/day- Created 2 more CBO’s (one that contained “top4countries” adsets specifically, and one for US adsets specifically) – $250/day each CBO (keep in mind, all of these CBO’s have 5-6 adsets in them each)- $2,300 spend, 3.35 ROAS

Day 4: Increased the previous two $250/day CBO’s to $1000/day- Created 2 new CBO’s $1k/day:- One was a WW CBO (exclude US and top4)- One was another US CBO- $5288 spend – 3.64 ROAS
Day 5:- Duplicated my best performing CBO to another CBO @ $1k- $6600 spend, 3.44 ROAS

Day 6: Didn’t create any new campaigns- My $1,000 CBO’s spent all their budgets at around 6pm, so I stopped getting sales because no more ads were running — because budget was prematurely spent for some reason.- But at 6pm, I just increased the budget of ALL of my CBO’s to $2,000 (so they could spend more money the rest of the day)- 10,000 spend – 3.11 ROAS

Day 7: Sow now my CBO’s had been “upgraded” to 2k/day from yesterday- I created 4 more CBO’s at $300/day each to test a few things out- My CBO’s again spent $2k by like 8pm — so they stopped spending at night.- Also – a side note – some of my ads randomly got disapproved.- So I increased my BEST PERFORMING CBO’s budget to $3k at around 8pm (just added additional budget)- 15,377 spend – 2.35 ROAS

Day 8: A lot of my adsets got “disapproved” for some reason, so I wasn’t able to scale- So from this point forward, I stopped “duplicating” my CBO’s, but I started increasing the budgets of my surviving CBO’s.- $16,947 spend – 2.45 ROAS

Day 9: I saw some of my adsets were doing REALLY good- I was a bit disappointed that some of my ads got disapproved- I increased the budget of my best performing ads- Increased them to: $10k, $10k, $4k, — the other ones are still at 2k each (I haven’t personally turned off any CBO’s since the start of this scale)- 32k spent ($74.5k made) – 2.32 ROAS

Day 10: Scaled both of my $10k CBO’s to $14k- Scaled my next best performing CBO’s to 8k- Scaled some more to $6k or $4k- $50k spent, $103,500 made

—Things To Note—
– All of my adsets were $18+ M/F — all placements, and whatever the “standard” conversion window is. I didn’t touch anything — except for targeting.- This was all a “test” for me — I was just improvising on the spot each day because new issues kept arising. So make sure you’re ready for the unexpected.- I literally spent 1 hour per day analyzing my ads – so this doesn’t take a lot of time. (However, best believe I was refreshing my OrderMetrics constantly throughout the day haha – I was excited about the results)- I have two stores running, but for this scale, this was done on a niche based dropshipping store.

This was a new ad account, and I forgot that my Daily Spend limit was $10k, so on Day 6, my spend capped out at $10k, which sucked. (I called in the evening and had Facebook increase my limit to $50k/day — and $20k/billing threshold)- This was all thanks to American Express and Chase Credit cards — I was able to put my ad-spend on the cards – so I wasn’t limited to scaling.- This is a new store/account so PayPal has $127k on “hold” for 21 days. So I have to wait that out, which sucks.- Some of my ads randomly got disapproved, so I got in touch with Facebook Support and I had a very nice representative help me get them re-enabled.- As a general note about your online business, make sure you’re doing work that actually BRINGS you money. I see a lot of people doing BS work that I consider “busy work” that doesn’t move the needle AT ALL. This is what I call “Mental Momentum”. Get out of this phase, get back to the basics, and get to doing Money Making Activities.

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