Step#1: Research:
We use our Facebook Feed to research products. We simply search for the following keywords on Facebook:
1. T-shirt
2. Get yours here
3. Free shipping
4. Not available in stores
5. Limited offer
6. Buy now
7. Grab yours here
8. Grab it here
9. Out of stock
10. Share with friends
11. Like and share
13. [Competitor].com
Then we find the top public photos and videos for these keywords. This is what we look for in a product when we search for them:
1. Fresh-Should be launched In the last 0-4 weeks
2. Engagement-Should have 2k+ shares
3. Need and wow factor-Should have great comments
Once a post passes these filters, we find it on Aliexpress, list it on our store and launch an ad on Facebook.
Step#2: Testing:
We create 3 adsets at $5/day, Website Conversion ad, Optimised for Pur (ViewContent if the pixel is new), United States, 18-65, FB Feed [Mobile and Desktop].
Adset#1: Top Magazines [Do Google search]
Adset#2: Fan pages [Do a Fb Search]
Adset#3: Brands [FB Audience Insights]
Step#3: Scaling:
Once we see profitable sales for 1-2 days on our adsets, we scale them. 
How do we scale? Duplication. 
$5-$25-$50-$100-$200 and so on.
We duplicate after every 24 hours.
We don’t stop the already running adsets if they’re in profit. 
Why don’t we increase the adset budget? Doesn’t work for us.
Manual bidding? Takes way too much time and optimization. 
Step#4: Leveraging our existing customers:
We email our new products to our existing customers twice a week. 
We send FB Messenger broadcasts through Re-Cart once a week. 
We run giveaways every 3 months to keep our existing customers engaged.
The story: 
We started our eCom journey in April’17. In the first month, we tested 5 products/day and had to bear a loss. We had a limited budget and had several campaigns that were sucking money with no returns. 
The first time I saw a sale, I was stoked with the entire idea of it. I still remember waking up to the ‘cha-ching’ that I was dying to hear for days. Our first sale was on a $50 product and we were amazed by the possibility and potential that this business model had. We sold a 50 buck product from cold FB Traffic and our brand was totally new.
After that, for 7 days straight, we didn’t make even one sale. From being so excited and seeing dreams of scaling that product and crossing 6-figures that month, to see not even a single sale for the next 7 days straight was definitely a thing for us.
Our product testing was giving no results.
We couldn’t scale our first product (in fact that product never got a sale again).
We were hopeless about making this work and we questioned our abilities and potential. 
We were at a stage where we had seen almost every training related to Drop-Shipping. We were trying all targeting options, research methods and what not. It was atrocious. 
But anyway, the results that our peers were getting and the potential that Drop-shipping had, kept us going. We really wanted to make it work! And we were ready to hustle for it.
After 7 days, we got 3 sales on a new product. We made $9 profit that day lol.
Tried to scale it, the cost per purchase went really high and we lost money because we didn’t want to give up on that product. We really wanted to make it work, but we couldn’t.
It was like trying to make a bicycle run at the speed of a Ferrari. And we were falling over and over again. Hurting ourselves along the way.
This is what we realized: We were focussing a lot on the outcome rather than doing the process right. We were motivated by the results that we thought we could get, not by the process or our business altogether.
Anyone who’s made it big really believed in what they were doing. And nothing could ever stop them. 
Since then, we’ve been following the same process, done over $1.4 Mil in sales and helped many entrepreneurs along the way achieve their business goals.
It’s been an interesting journey indeed. Our goals for this year are set and we’re ready to do whatever it takes to meet them!
I hope that through this post I’m able to connect with the entrepreneurs who’re working day in and day out to make this work. I want to connect with the budding eCom entrepreneurs who are just starting out. This model is beautiful.
Believe in the process, focus on the outcomes later. 
Focus more on getting things right.
Don’t let the failures stop you.
In fact, let them make you bounce back even harder!
Good luck :). Feel free to hit me up if you need help.