There is nothing worse than opening your ads manager to check stats and seeing the red box of death
Everyone thinks it’s ad policy, glitchy updates or an overzealous reviewer.
The real answer: Yes and No...
Yes, you are getting banned for “technical reasons” but there is a bigger picture reason you aren’t seeing.
I’ll demonstrate why FB is losing their shit over ad accounts.
Let’s talk LTV. Everyone loves to talk about their funnel on FB and their LTV right?
But what about Facebooks LTV?
Facebook launched ads in 2012.
For simplicity sake, I’m going to use current FB numbers.
A North American user is worth $107.04 per year.
Based on that calculation I am worth $642.24 to date.
I have already been on Facebook since 2006. That is 12 years.
If Facebook has already managed to keep me interested in visiting daily for a decade who is to say I won’t keep being visiting for decades to come?
Say I use Facebook till I’m 75. 
That means I’m worth  $6,315.36 to Facebook in my lifetime.
Now let’s take this example one step further.
Say you own a restaurant and you have a loyal customer that comes in everyday spends $50 like clockwork.
Then you have a drunk ass customer that annoys this guy. He decides “screw this place I’m never coming back” 
You would be furious at the drunk bastard who just cost you $50 a day.
Aggressive advertisers are the drunk customers in the Facebook world
Now you see Facebook point of view... it totally makes sense why they are so sensitive. 
Why Facebook is so angry...
If anyone sees an ad they don’t like and that is the final tipping point for them to leave. It’s essentially someone torching $6.5k of Zuckerberg’s cold hard cash. 
Also with what’s app ads, Instagram ads, messenger ads and a crazy smart ad algorithm. 
It’s not a stretch to say Facebooks internal team has already modeled this out to know that lifetime LTV could be as high as $20,000+ 
Let’s face it if was our campaign and LTV was $20k! We would be hacking down advertisers down like a kill bill movie too. 🥋 🗡 
Fun fact: I tried to calculate $6.5k times 1.4 billion FB users and my calculator basically broke